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16 December – The black day

Today is Friday, The 13 & month is September. The day considered inauspicious all over the world. But today we have seen the history in the making, life will never be the same again after this day. 

16 December 2012 unfortunate Rape incident has stirred the whole world like a dry leaf in the storm. 

Since morning I was on the move to visit my clients for some work. But in the back of my mind, I desperately wanted to sit in front of news channel and be the witness of Jumbo judgement. 

After this incident life for women in Delhi has become more vulnerable and challenging. Women in general had stopped leaving home after 7pm but some brave heart were still moving in the night because of their jobs or some other reasons.It took nine months for Indian judiciary to announce the verdict on the convicts. Though the victim had died and given the dying statement against the criminals, still law took nine whole months to give decision. Why? 

Nothing exceptional has come out of this incident. First eye catcher out of the whole incident was how the people of Delhi came out of their living rooms together and fought, gave their precious time, participated in discussion and gave ‘dharnas‘. Delhi is my city since last 13 years and I am well aware of the indigenous nature of people here. Though I don’t find original Dilliwallah here, because most of them are migrants from nearby states in search of work. Though every individual is completely different from another, somehow once you touch Delhi you become native of the city. Lot has been questioned on ‘Dilliwallah’s‘ show off nature or ‘dil-waale‘ image. But I was pleasantly surprised by the  strong determination and equally robust actions they had shown for someone they did not even knew. It was heart warming to see mango people coming out under scorching sun and protesting against the criminals. So many campaigns were moving on social networking websites. In general Dilliwalah started becoming aware of the consequences and plight of rape victims or acid attack victims. They have become more sensitive to these issues and 

Amidst all this there was a thorn like consideration also that the rape case was viewed largely as a cold blooded and torturous murder. Had the victim not died after the incident, I doubted that criminals would have ever been punished. Unquestionably Rape should be considered the biggest of crime, bigger than a murder. Rape kills dignity, love, hope & soul of the victim, be it male or female. Yes, rape is not Gender biased. 

It is little wonder that rape is one of the least-reported crimes. Perhaps it is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused and, in reality, it is she who must prove her good reputation, her mental soundness, and her impeccable propriety

Disgusting ! Isn’t it?

Rape is not just pushy lovemaking

But with due respect to our Patriarch society, rape victims are moving scott free in many cases. Why? Because laws are lenient and criminals are NOT at all afraid of law and police. And above all marital rape is not even considered a crime. Well, what to say and expect !

Anyways we are right now basking in the glory of the decision of death sentence to convicts. 
But will the attitude of people against this heinous crime change? 
When will male start looking at a female not as an object but as another human being? 
Is any other solution to this problem? 
Are we going wrong in the upbringing of our male children?

So many questions ! Seeking answers !